Welcome to Iceberg Week

For the next week I will be making short posts every day featuring a different Newfoundland iceberg from this summer. I thought a good way to get your feet wet, so to speak, would be to start in one of the most prolific Newfoundland iceberg towns, Twillingate. First, have a look at Twillingate. This little town is pretty easy on the eyes.

20160615-img_0430 20160616-img_0448 20160615-img_0444 20160616-img_047320160616-img_0451

Twillingate was first discovered by French fisherman in the 1600's. They landed on its shores to cut wood and stock up on fresh water. Though its name would later be misinterpreted by English settlers as "Twillingate", the Frenchmen originally named it "Toulinquet".

Archaeological exploration in the area has turned up primitive tools and weapons--evidence that the indigenous Newfoundland first people, the now-extinct Beothuks, once called Twillingate home.

Though the days of being a merchant hotspot are over, Twillingate remains a popular destination for tourism. Mostly because of its quaint fishing village look and ICEBERGS!

20160616-img_0457 20160615-img_0441 20160617-dscn3866 20160616-img_0474

Come back tomorrow for Monday's iceberg!