I call this iceberg "The Ferrari"

Just when you think an iceberg is white, it plays the same trick on you as the clouds. Instead, you'll find samples from every fraction of space taken up on the color wheel by cool hues. 20160616-img_0470

Can we leave blue icebergs posing as white icebergs alone, each one a poetic vessel slowly running itself aground? No. Let's science the hell out of it.

Icebergs are pieces of glaciers, really old glaciers. They are virtually impurity-free and have very little internal air. Because of this, there are also minimal reflective surfaces inside. When a long-wavelength light hits the iceberg--red light for example--it is absorbed rather than reflected. The light that is refracted is blue (or somewhere between blue and green).

So once again, our eyes are the most limiting factor to our beautiful world. Even when we see something, really see it, we're still only able to play ball in the visible light spectrum. I don't know about you but I'm overwhelmed by just one spectrum. Imagine the world that birds see!