Early morning Sanderlings

20160430-img_0180 If you want to see birds, you have to wake with the birds. Especially if you're on a very popular beach like the one in St. Pete Beach, FL. You're bound to see shorebirds anyway, but if you want VIP access, hit the beach before all the children and sun-bathers for a nice walk (with your binoculars and camera that you carry everywhere because you MUST bird every location).

Sanderlings are some of the most beautiful migratory shorebirds you'll have the pleasure of watching. From a distance, they might look a bit drab skittering across the surf in search of insects and mollusks but they're actually quite colorful when you zoom in. Have a look.



Sanderlings are extreme migrators! They breed on land in the northernmost locations that exist on our planet (including the tip-top of Russia, Greenland, Canada and Alaska). During the winter they surround the coasts of just about every continent. You'd be hard pressed to travel somewhere with a beach that didn't play host to Sanderlings.



Come back Wednesday for more Florida wildlife. Reptiles this time!