Quick and birdie (heh)

I just received an email saying that it has been 9 months since I last posted. For shame. I have been writing my Master's thesis in the interim and it has successfully consumed all of my time and infused a steady stream of guilt for doing things that are not thesis-related. I have 10 blog posts queued. Some of them are long and some are very short. Today's will be short with only a couple of photos. Though the summer is late here in Newfoundland, the familiar pull to get into the woods with my binoculars is ever-present and I do manage to sneak away here and there. In the fall I picture myself skipping through grassy meadows and dense Balsam Fir woods taking photos of birds willy-nilly and fervently hammering away at my keyboard to show you what I found. Until then check out this Greater Yellowlegs I spotted surveying a ditch in Bonavista, NL last September. He walked around inspecting the bellies of rocks for some time and then took a nap midstream.



Stay tuned for more short posts!