Life Update: I've been traveling

...which means, I have a lot of new bird content to show you. Among other things.

In late April, I spent time in Malta. In late May, I spent time in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where I grew up. I'm excited to show you a mixture of European countryside, lagoons, and North American river delta birds.

Also, June is warbler month here in Newfoundland (and Canada proper). All of the little beauties come here to mate and reproduce because we have more than enough wild, untamed evergreen forests to go around. I will be covering this event as closely as I can.

This has been my update and my warning to you that I have fully reloaded my content cannon.

Here are some beautiful Maltese doors found in the village of Għarb on the small island of Gozo (one of three islands belonging to Malta). Please come back soon for my 100th blog post (this one is #99!).