2birdfeature #10: Boreal Band

Today, two very vocal species. A bird that sings early and often in the Newfoundland forest is a much appreciated friend to folks like me who survey birds and need to identify them by song. Even in the thickest fog. More often than not, early morning birding here in Newfoundland is an activity for your ears, not your eyes. We have a lot of weather! RED FOX-SPARROW


The Red Fox-sparrow's song is a series of loud, clear whistles at different pitches, stopped off with a buzzy note. The male is the primary singer, of course. He's trying to attract the ladies. But occasionally, female Red Fox-sparrows will also sing.



The Northern Waterthrush is actually a warbler, not a thrush. His song begins with 3 short, loud notes and ends with a slurred flourish. This song is faster and longer at dusk when male Northern Waterthrushes sing during flight.


Later this week, more Newfoundland birds!