Iceberg, right ahead!

The movie got it wrong. British people say "right ahead". Americans say "dead ahead". Just a quick bit of Titanic trivia. Which I'm obsessed with, by the way. Did you know that it was a Newfoundland-bound iceberg that sunk the Titanic? And that the great ship foundered only 400 miles south of Newfoundland? 20160615-img_0428

According to reports, the iceberg that sunk the Titanic would've been about double the size of the iceberg pictured above. Say like, 400 feet long and 100 feet high. At the largest. It's hard to say really because the Titanic struck the iceberg in the total darkness of a moonless night.

Icebergs break up slowly as they reach shallower water. Most of the icebergs seen around Newfoundland coasts will have been much larger at the time that they originally broke free.

This iceberg was a June resident of the waters just off Twillingate, NL--roughly 280 miles (444 km) from the capital city, St. John's, where I live.

Come back tomorrow for another glorious 'berg. And don't forget to click on the pictures each day to enlarge them and have a better look!