Plants are cool too

There's really no limit to the number of things I'm obsessed with. This might be a bird blog but I reserve the right to put plants on it too. And fossils. And other rocks. And bugs. And fish. Let's just end this very predictable list by saying: things that naturally occur outdoors. Today I'm traipsing into uncharted territory. I'm going to show you some wildflowers and other plants of Protection Island, WA. But I'm only a field guide botanist. My mental catalogue of plants isn't huge and it's definitely more applicable to Colorado and Newfoundland, the places where I've spent the most time. So I'm going to ask you a favor. Please help me ID these beauties. Especially if I totally get it wrong. And enjoy. If we're big fans of birds, we must be big fans of their habitat and food as well.


And now please help. This is some kind of a horsetail reed?

And these yellow darlings are nice. Any ideas?

The rest of the plant photos are below. All of the green is so alive and looking at these photos makes me long for spring as it snows outside. I'm excited to see how many of you are plant nerds!

Check in this weekend for a look at my main study species, the Rhinoceros Auklet. It's a puffin with a tiny horn on its bill, you have to see this!