Meet my Tasmanian Friends

Because Newfoundland insists on perpetual winter, I must admit that I'm running a little low on material. The spirit of Ned Stark haunts this place. Winter came, as promised. And now, after a series of months, the conclusion is...winter is still here. Sort of anticlimactic. And sorry if you're one of those non-Game of Thrones watchers (You're wasting time! Get to it!). Admittedly, a person so obsessed with birds doesn't just get that way overnight. I have somewhat of a treasure trove of photos from pre-graduate school times. I probably have poor quality bird photos from when I was a kid, I'm not sure. But this weekend I have dug back to 2010 when I lived in Hobart, Tasmania for a brief time during my undergrad.

Looking back, I wish my obsession had been as far advanced then as it is now. But those of you who live in Australia or have been there can attest to the fact that your brain is basically not functioning when you see AUS for the first time. Mind = officially blown. And as a young zoologist just cutting my teeth, I could not handle the amount of free ranging marsupials and colorful feathers everywhere.

Let's take the University of Tasmania campus for instance.


The Superb Fairy-wren was the first bird I saw in Tasmania.



These lapwings hatched chicks all over campus and could be seen ambling around with a handful of babies in tow. I had to discontinue studying outdoors because the tiny babies were too distracting.



Below you will find the bird that has taken up the task of being Tasmania's personal alarm clock. Click on the link below if you'd like to hear what I heard every single morning:




Too bad the next little guy hid from me. Spinebills are very cool birds to watch.


The last bird for today will be this curious currawong. He lived in the trees above my dorm and greeted me every day with a great amount of ruckus outside my window. Between the currawongs and wattlebirds, I was awake.



Next week we'll look at a few birds from Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary!